Running Total

Can you display the running total below the last item purchased in the sales order.

Running total of what, Items purchased, Amount, Amount Inc Vat etc…?

Any amount totals.

To show it on line-level will become quite complicated soon. You need to know, and keep track of, the last+1 line of the order. To handle this in all situations (no lines, lines inserted, lines added above the total line, line inserted beneath the total-line, to name a few) is certainly not an easy task. Showing a running total on the sales order form has been discussed before, so you may want to use the forum’s search function to locate these discussions for a handful of practical tips and samples. John

This is an Idea, I dont know if itll work cause I havent tried it. Make the Sub-form Larger but keep the grid in and add a Text Box, and Variable called RunningTotal. On the subform create a Function called calcRunningTotal that goes through the record set and adds all the amounts together. When you move from Record to Record on the header use the Currform.Form… to run the function. On the OnValidate of the Amount field on the SubForm make it also run the function. Also on the OnDelete Trigger. I think this should work.