Running the Data Crawler in background

We have some trouble with the data crawler. We can start the data crawler through the data crawler form (basic-setup-data crawler) but than you run the data crawler in the foreground. I want to know how I can run the crawler in a background. If I run it from the installationwizard (Administration-setup-internet-enterprise portal-installationwizard) and I check the box that is has to start after the setup, then it runs, but after a few hours I see that it’s inactive. The first state is that it’'s active, but the recordcount shows that it doesn’t run really (62490 of 81900 records and doesn’t go further). The questions I have : 1) How can I run the crawler in a background (so I’m not blocking a screen) and that it keeps on running. 2) What happens with the crawler if an axapta server is rebooted or an update of an application is submitted. (with other words, does it start again automaticly). There is few information available on the internet or axapta documentation. Hope someone has some answers for me. If someone has the crawler succesfully running (in a backgroundproces), please let me know. Greetings, Jurgen van Zeeland