running system objects

hi all, anyone knows what the system data type is for??? when you create a global variable you could select some data types, and one of them is system. when selecting properties or methods from the symbol menu this variable has no methods or properties, and if you try to use this variable in C/AL the object in which you create this variable doesn’t compile. i’m trying to launch the change password form (tools, security, password) from inside codeunit 1 because we are trying to force users to change their navision passwords every 30 days. also i create a date field to save the last date the user had change his password, so when user change his password i have to modify this date (recUser.MODIFY), but when executing codeunit 1 the system gives the error that i could not modify this table (User) from inside this trigger (codeunit 1, OpenCompany). please, help!!!

Hi Micky, I think that you need to take a slightly different approach. Modify codeunit 1 to check the users password expiry date against the current date. If it nearly expired send a message, if it has expired or expires today then call the error function. Then the user has to change their password using standard Navision functionality. I have written password aging enhancements for some of my customers and this idea works well Regards David