Running Service & Network

Hi, I am having a problem at a client site that recently upgraded their network. This is related to Navision GoPro Retail Back office Point of Sale Database (Server and Tills). There are three databases each running as a service on a machine. These DB’s need to comunicate between each other and have done so in the past with no errors. When a change in the network occurs the std procedure is to check that the HOSTS & SERVICES files are updated with the new IP addresses and maybe PORT no’s. THis was done and has been fine up untill recently - when for a reason I am not able to determine they just stopped communicating…i.e They are unable to connect to each other even though I can PING the IP addresses.[?] Am I overlooking something obvious or is there some know network issue with databses running over different networks (my networking skills are limited so please bare with me[:I]). Any help appreciated Thanks[8D].

Ok, problem solved. Clients IT services added some “restrictions” to that particular network route, which have now been removed. If anyone needs more info or have had a similar issue then please let me know… :slight_smile: