Running MRP without granule 5810?

I have a dispute about granule 5810 Basic Supply Planning. We are doing MRP runs since 2002 now (requisition worksheet in purchase menu), but we never had this granule. We do have:

  • 5410 Basic manufacturing - Production orders
  • 5420 Basic manufacturing - Production BOM
  • 5805 Agile manufacturing
  • 6010 Capacity planning - Basic
  • 6020 Capacity planning - Machine centers

A partner of one of our subsidiaries were we want to implement manufacturing is confident that 5810 is needed to be able to do demand based MRP. Without this granule, you would only be able to use MRP based on ‘Minimum inventory Quantity’(?).
I’m believing that they do not need this granule since they only have MTO-items. Possibly they would need it when they would be working with Make-to-stock items and would run a MPS.

Wo is right here?


I believe 5810 refers to the planning worksheet in manufacturing.

I would have to guess you have a flat level series of BOM’s or if you have sub-level assemblies then you manually plan these as well. You plan replenishment AFTER the manual raising of production as you are planning for the purhcasing aspect of the business, although in whatever manner you like, not just “Minimum Inventory”. If your subsiduary wants to demand plan based upon all inputs then they would need 5810, this would mean that the production was planned against the set parameters as well as the purchasing. If however in your MTO environment you manually raise production upon demand and only plan purhcased items, then this is different.

Ultimately I cannot say which one of you is right as I am guessing at certain parts. My guess however is you are both correct as you are arguing from slightly different stand points, but you are also probably both wrong as well [:D]

You do not mention it but I guess you have

Requisition Management (3,550)

You use this granule to automate the requisition procedure.

Requisition Management automatically generates suggested purchases based on a variety of data such as minimum and maximum quantities, reorder quantities, and so on.

I ran in to a lot of issues with getting clients license correct.
I order this and that is given to me but I can’t do this. A new correct license was given to me (Even during upgrades, the client was able to do something in an old version, then they couldn’t after the upgrade).

I recommend your dealer contact Navision to confirm that they by accident did not leave it off. Errur is to be human.

Had an official answer from MBS (through my dear friend NavNav) telling me that you can run Planning worksheet in the manufacturing without having the 5810 granule. You would only need 5410 Basic manufacturing.
You would need 5810 if you would have make-to-stock items and you would generate your production orders through the planning worksheet. But this is not the case: we will create production orders manually, based on sales orders (Make-to-order). Then we’ll run a planning (Purchase-requisition worksheet or Manufacturing-planning worksheet) and have the components needed for sales orders and production orders proposed. This all functions without the 5810 granule.

Clearly he explained it better than I did in the posting [:D]

You did explain it well, Steven. Just wanted to have a second opinion from the source! And yes, we do have the Requisition management granule.
Thanks again for your reply!

Hi Michiel

Well I read it back and struggled to understand what I had written so congratulations! [:D]