Running MRP/MPS

I’m currently learning Nav. Mfg. module.

Cud, someone explain the difference between Order Planning / Requisition Worksheet & Planning Worksheet?

I’ve an item with 2 levels of BOM, while running the order planning process, it processess upto 1st level only, how to proceed to further levels?

I am having forecast for an item and while running the “Planning Worksheet”, i get a reply “Requisition line already exists”…

cud someone explain the procedure?



The order planning is a short cut MRP

The Requisition Worksheet only looks at purchased items

The Planning Worksheet looks at manufactured and purchased items.

The results of running each depends upon how you run it, the demand mix and the order modifiers on each item. You will need to start setting up simple tests and items and run them. This is not a small area to explain.