Running more than one navision Application Server

Dear All, I know that we can run more than one Navision Application Server with the same database or with different databases. For installing more than one NAS, we copy all the reqd files like nassql.exe, license file, fin.etx and fin.stx into a new target folder. Also we must run through DOS Command line as a service and set the necessary parameters. It is very clear uptill here. My doubt here is as follows:- On the command prompt we write the following code, >nas appservername= , servername= ,company=" ", startupparameter= Suppose my first appservername is nas1. What shld be the other app server name? or will it be the same. If it is same,then how can we say that we are running more than 1 Navision Application Server? Please clarify, if anybody has worked on the same. Thanx in Advance.[:)] With best Regards, Vijay kumar

I dont suppose it matters what the appservername is, as long as they are different to each other. [:D] I generally give the appservername property a meaningful title so that it is possible to recognise what purpose it serves, eg NAVISIONCG for commerce gateway. (When you install it as an NT service, the service name is taken from appservername property) Regards, edd