Running inventory recalculation as batch job


I have setup inventory recalculation to run as a batch process, daily on an Ax2012 application. The batchjob is setup OK, the job is running and completing its task every night, however nothing is posted/recalculated if I check the settlements / voucher…

If I run the recalculation manually - off course - recalculations are processed as expected, so there is nothing wrong with the recalculation itself.

I have checked, and nothing seems to be wrong with the batch job (no odd selections/filters applied to the batchjob parameters - the dates are as expected etc.)) - and as said, the job is running and completed without any errors.

I know there is not much to go by in the above, but does anyone have any experience with running inventory recalculation as a batch process in Ax2012?

Thanks in advance,