Running Balance

Dear All,

Can someone suggest me how i can write a code for Running Balance i.e

Running Balance = Running Balance + Amount in a Form

Thanx in Advance

Just have a look at Report 16566 .Here you can get idea for the above code.


I am using a single table i.e Analysis View Entry.

I have created a new form i.e Employee Balance using table Analysis View Entry., In the Form i require a Running Balance Field.

Kindly Suggest

Look at the General Journal form that has a running total and a balance.

You should be able to restucture that code to give you a running balance


I have doen the following:

Form - OnActivateForm()

Form - OnAfterGetRecord()
decClosing:=decClosing+Amount ;

And have attached decClosing in Running Balance Field.

But in this case i am facing a Problem as when i am moving down the form, the Running Field Value keeps on Changing in place of being constant.

Kindly suggest.