Running Automation/ocx over citrix

We are wanting to run ocx/Automation over citrix, so that the Navision application runs on the citrix machine, but the program it is running opens locally. Example. User logs into Navision via citrix. User (within this Navision session via citrix), runs the “Create Interation” wizard from the contact card. During this, Navision (standard functionality) will fire up word to display the result. By default, it will run the word installation on the citrix server. We want it to fire up word on the users machine. Any ideas? Is this possible? Thanks.

Are You sure that you have installed the word application on the server. I mean…if u install the automation controller/or any third party ocx controlls which u want to use at client side then u shud also register the same controls at the server. I am not sure but give a try. TAA

I do not believe that this functionality is easily possible. The Navision Attain client (on the Citrix server) is launching an instance of Word via automation controls that are registered on the Citrix computer and also as variables within Attain. These automation controls are installed as part of the Microsoft Office installation. These same automation controls would need to be changed to call an instance of Word over a network connection (like using DCOM) – I have not seen anything that does this. Also, performance would likely be slow on anything less than LAN speeds since quite a bit of information can pass between Navision and Word. Hope it helps, Dave Hutchinson


Originally posted by dhutch: I do not believe that this functionality is easily possible

Neither do I. The Navision client running on the Citrix server is not aware of its Citrix environment. It runs on the server and has access to the server’s resources only. If it starts Word, it does so on the server, and both Word and Navision have no idea of a remote user viewing their output over a Citrix connection. As David suggests, you would have to implement network access to the Citrix client’s resources, which is quite a piece of work, to put it mildly – Heinz Herbeck Waagner-Biro AG, Vienna, Austria

Keep It Stupid Simple If you are using win2000 as client computer you can do it as described below: Run Rshsvc.exe as service on client computer (comes with Resource Kit). Save the word document in Citrix server into some network share (user home folder would be good candidate). Run a word instance in client computer using rsh (remote shell) command and passing the generated file as parameter.

But you will not be able to automate word when it starts locally if this is required. Anyway with Citrix XPS feature release II you have the ability to some extend to decide if a program should be run in the client or the server environment allthough you still cannot automate a local instance of the program.