Running an executable serverside

Hi Guys,


Created a new button in the RTC on the Purchase Invoices Page

In the C/AL underneath that button I have a requirement to run an executable (the executable launches internet explorer having built a url based on the content of the Page)


At the moment I’m unable to test it from a client, will this run ok if on a client? In AX you have an option for server side launching of such operations, but I don’t seem to see an equivalent in NAV.

I have an alternative method but just curious, thanks for looking. :slight_smile:

Did you try with HYPERLINK(‘’);

Hi Mohana,

Yes that’s my alternative. :slight_smile: I’ve spent a lot of time and work on the executable method and was just curious if I could continue to use this method.

It isn’t just urls I need to launch but also programs present on the server but not on the clients.

I can of course also use HYPERLINK to launch executables but I need to confirm this is acceptable on the server which will then work when used on a client machine.

If you are using classic then you can see SHELL Command also

Hi Mohana,

Thanks for your replies.

I am familiar with the launching of the files, all I need is confimation these methods are an acceptable way of launching files if using the client.

Yes, that is the reason everyone using them [;)]

Good point lol I will pursue it, I’ve had problems with other integrations using similar methods and just wanted to be doubly sure. Thanks as always Mohana :slight_smile:

Welcome Pete Royle… [:)]