Running Adjust Cost Process

We run Navision 3.7 and Adjust cost continues to be an issue. Since we launch Navision back in January, it has taken what seems to be an inordinate amount of time, now exceeding 6 hours, to run and with locations on the east and west coast the window to run nightly process continues to dwindle. In the past several weeks, we have only been able to run it on weekends and have not run it for that past 3 weeks. We are now at fiscal year end and doing physical inventory and it has been running for over 23 hours. We are told that this is for two reasons: first, it is because it has not run in full for quit some time. Second, it is due to the amount of history that was brought in with the initial implementation. Can anyone who has experience with this issue please comment on this?

HI, The reason has told to you is right, but there is possibilities to optimize Navision code especially with SETCURRENTKEY and Filtering Order becuase i did once to our customer using MBS Navision 3.70 On SQL Server, but if you still can’t proccess the adjust cost in once time after you optimize the code you can also customize the code so you can run adjust cost only for specific item you specify.

Hey Mark, 23 hours does seem like a long time, but it all depends on your specific implementation. Especially Manufacturing. If you are not using Manufacturing, then you can speed things up a lot, search this forum with key words “adjust cost capacity performace” etc. You also need to look at your system setup as a whole, is it C/SIDE or SQL, drive configrations etc. Then your buiness processes are important. Ten as you say inventory history, how was it brought across? That data should now be adjusted, so should not affect things too much but… who knows. Basically its impossible for anyone to give you good solid advise unless you put your position into perspective. Basically post a description of your system, and other details.