Running a NAV 2009 Classic Report from Task Scheduler

I can create a task in the Windows Server 2008 Task Scheduler to run a report in NAV 2009 (Classic Client), but, if I am not already logged into a session, the task stops at the login screen. Is there a way to include the login information in the command string?

You might get past this obstacle by adding a command-line argument to your task: ntauthentication=yes. This will force the login to use your domain credentials rather than a database login. Of course you’ll need to ensure that logging in using windows auth like this works in normal use. If not, you may need to add a Windows Login under Security in the NAV session and give that login sufficient credentials, and of course add it to SQL Server if you’re on that database.

Thanks. I have tried that. I think the problem is caused by there not being a logged-in user running from the Task Scheduler, which results in the job being presented with a login screen. I have looked thru the Installation and System Management manual and I cannot find arguments for user id or password. Do they exist?