Running a NAS Session from a Web Server

I’ve got a Web Server running IIS (Expand IT) I need to have a NAS Session running there which should authentify using the Windows unified login (NAS do not support Navision Database Authentification) The Web Server is not in the domain therefore I’m unable to access the Active Directory. For security reasons we do not want to put the web server on the domain Here’s the error message I get when I try to get the list of Windows login from Navision : They System failed to retrieve the global catalog from Active Directory This may be caused by network problems, or it may be caused by a lack of Active Directory functionality on your machine or network. Active Directory functionality is not available Contact your system manager or your vendor for support Error message I get when I try to open Navision using unified login The Operating sytem returned the error (1326) Failure when opening the session : User unknown or incorrect password My question is : How can I setup & use a NAS session from a Server that’s not on the Domain ?

This is how I do it in testing situations: 1. Install a normal Navision client on the web server. 2. Run this Navision client and log in using database user. 3. Open “Windows Logins”. 4. Insert an entry MANUALLY like : ‘IIS\NasUser’. (where IIS is the name of the web-server, and NasUser is a local user defined on the server. 5. Of course apply roles. 6. Open properties of your NAS service, insert the same user as above. So now you added windows login ‘manually’ and you can use this account ONLY on the web server. The above works for me! Let me know if you need more help.

Preben, I’ve just tried what you suggested, it did not work. Here’s what I’ve in the event viewer on my Windows 2000 Server : NASSERVICE : The operating system returned the error (1326): Any other suggestions ?

Hi Tarek. This error is a WINDOWS error. You have maybe not specified the correct password. Try this in a DOS-prompt: “NET HELPMSG 1326” (I know you knew this, but just forgot!) You should try to log in locally with this user, just to check that it is ok. This is also always a good idea to check that the user is using the correct regional settings. Let me know if it helps!

Extra eplanation: If you do not make one login with the new user, you can never be sure that i.e. FORMAT(DATE) will give the desired result!