Running a form to know the form type

When I run a form to know the form type like page type, a dialog box display “Reference to the member FullName of the variable could not be solved” I click on the design button to open the form, after view I click cntrl+S to save. it designs “You have specify unknown variable” FULLNAME, define the variable under "Global C/AL symbol. After I declare the variable, it keep on bring another variable one after the other. what can I do? Thanks

Hey Ayinde01,

You can never execute an object until and unless its compiled. As you have mentioned the error “Reference to the member FullName of the variable could not be solved” - and the resolution that you have now created a variable named FULLNAME. Similarly you have to go on compiling and solving each and every error then only you can execute that object. Theres no any quick solution for this. IF you have no no Idea of any error then obviously you can paste here on DUG and we will help you on this but you cant skip this process.

I know you’re working an upgrade. And it also sounds like its the first time you ever work with NAV. [;)]

Not a great combination.

NAV is a complex tool, and it takes years to fully master. To do upgrades, you should always first start by learning to fully understand the development environment, all the object types, fields etc.
Working with upgrades also requires that you’re able to read the source code. Not only in C/SIDE, but also to read the object text files. Upgrades often means a lot of comparing code lines.

In the above example your problem sounds like the same you had before. When compiling objects then the order of which you compile objects matters. To compile an object, then all objects that object refers to must already be compiled.

In your case, then my guess is that this form/page refers to either a table where the “FullName” field is not defined, or the table is not defined. NAV just says “variable” because it doesn’t know better. The form/page doesn’t care.
So if you just define a variable, then it will remain empty and not be part of the form.

If the purpose is just so that you’re able to run the form, then why not just run it in the old database to see it?