Runing a complex report(790) from my codeunit.

Hi! A user are about to do pysical inventory and types Item No and quantity on a PDA. Via MSMQ/XML my codeunit is executed and it’s suposed to run report 790=Calculate Inventory in total silence = no request form an no dialog boxes. This is above my coding skills. I’ve done SetHideValidationDialog(TRUE) but I need more help. Surly, I’m not the first to deal with this kind of strul? (strul = fuss) All help is much apriciated. /Kristian

Hi Kristian 1) Define the report as a variable ie R790 datatype Report subtype report 790 2) in the codeunit do the following code CLEAR(R790); R790.SetHideValidationDialog(TRUE); R790.SetItemJnlLine(ItemJnlLine); R790.ShowRequestForm := FALSE; // Not sure about the showrequestform could be something else R790.RUNMODAL; Hope this helps you. Albert

Thanx alot Albievh for your answer!

I’ve choosen an other way to solve the problem. I wrote some new code instead of using the 790. Not the most future proof way but you can’t win them all …



As Albiev’s posting, we use this code for exactly the same report you are trying to run

CalcQtyonHand.SetItemJnlLine(“Item Journal Line”);


CalcQtyonHand is a report variable of report 790 - Calculate Inventory

We actually do use the request form that is why it’s remarked out.

Hope this helps

Thanx to you too, Connull!

I’ll file your answers for the future.