Run vs Runmodal

Can anyone explain the difference between and Report.runmodal?

I think execution stops after using a runmodal until you close or print the report. When using, the code after this statement will be executed, not waiting before the report is closed or printed. Regards, Jan van Puyenbroeck

When using the system will continue processing code (from the calling object) after that statement is executed. Any forms or report opened are now running “independent” so you can close the calling object and the “called” object will remain open. When using object.runmodal, the system will not process any code from the “calling” object until the “called” object is closed. Also, if you attempt to close the “calling” object, it will not close until the “called” object is closed. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117