Run vs Run Modal

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i just have a silly doubt! please bare with me and answer this query!

we have 2 codes like RUN and RUNMODAL. these are used for reports,CDU and forms. What i want to know is the difference between these two! i have browsed and came up with this " run modal is used to call the functions while running the Object!" …then what is RUN used for? Cant we call the codes written in CAL from RUN itself?


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basically one can say that RUNMODAL let’s the system wait for the started object to come back, while RUN let’s the system go on rightaway after starting the object.



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thanks for the quick reply:)

are you saying like in RUNMODAL the system will wait till the desired output is produced and in RUN it doesnt?


but usually we write our codes in On RUN na?

If the Object stared does produce some output then: yes :slight_smile:

what do yo mean the object does produce any result? forms n report usualy does right!


I think we just misunderstood each other, when I think of Output I think of a message or of the result of a calculation or something like that, so you’re right with you question above.

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mmm i see. then what do you say now is the difference? please can you explain in detail?


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please read my first response again, the answer is still valid :slight_smile:

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RUNMODAL Creates, runs, and closes a form object that you specify. The form is run modally & When a form is run modally, no input (keyboard or mouse click) can occur except to objects on the modal form. If, at design time, you do not know the specific form that you want to run, use this function or the FORM.RUN Function (FORM). If you do know the specific form that you want to run, you can use the RUN Function (FORM) or RUNMODAL Function (FORM) to specify a variable.

This is the difference.

So, you started a Post here and after three answers you had the idea to look what the online help says? Not bad…

hey no! i alredy tried various sites! i was just implementing it all and came up wit this answer:)

So the explanation that came to your mind while implementing looks exactly like the explanation from online help? :wink:

yea:) i did tell you that i was browsing online for the answer. i thought better than explaining in my own language i would just use the standard one:)

i just wish you could have alerted me about this since you obviously know about this for a while.