Run RTC in Different Location Speed issue

Hi expert,

We have several facilities in different states and we use T1 + VPN to connect with main office. User always complain RTC of Nav2013 is too slow, and we will start using Scan Gun for WMS now. Does anybody know what kind of connection is better to resolve this issue ?


You might look at setting up a Citrix or RDP host within the local campus for hosting the NAV client. I think you’ll find that it definitely out-performs the client-across-vpn configuration.


Thanks, we have terminal server and sometime the user will use RDP to run RTC, but how about scan gun issue ? do you have any idea ?


A barcode scanner is simply a keyboard surrogate. I wouldn’t expect that you’d have any problems using one that’s directly attached to an local workstation working in an RDP session, although it’s worth testing the theory.