Run-Results of Report or Dataport

I need to know whether a dataport or a report has run correctly. I’ve seen, i can query the run-result of a codeunit. Is this possible with dataports and reports too ? Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

The easiest way would be to create a function in your Report/Dataport which returns the value and call this function after you run the report. Chris

Another way is to call the Report or Dataport from a Codeunit. For example, you want to batch import some files and if you got a run-time error then would you proceed with next file instead of a run-time error. Product Manager

we have some dataports and reports, which are started by a codeunit (called “scheduler”). If a dataport or report crashes, does the calling codeunit (the scheduler) stop processing ? Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

It depends on the way it’s made (coded). I have developed an Add-on (scheduler) that’s first call a Codeunit with an If – statement and the codeunit call the Dataport or Report. If the result is False from the Codeunit a Run-time Error has occur and I log the event as an error. Product Manager

Hey Per, i’ve created one too, but there seems to be a problem if the Dataport or Report crashes. Could you please sent yours to me ? I would appreciate a mail to thanks in advance STEFAN Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst