Run IE page from axapta

Hi all I need to run IE page from axapta it’s possible?? I found that outlook appl can run from axp by use SysOutlookApplication class. Maybe you know wich claass are responsible for run IE page?? or you know another solution.

Hi One solution is to use Ext. Data Type with the URL lookup button, then place on a string edit in the form. This will open the page in the default web browser. Another solution is { #WinAPI ; WinAPI::shellExecute(,’’,’’,‘open’,#SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE); } Cheers,

THX! it’s work great but is still one problem. How to determine that this page will open only in IE. Can we show winapi which browser need to use? (i have IE & Firefox)

I don’t think so. Set the IE as default browser and that should do it. Otherwise you have to open the page using a COM for IE, (i don’t know if this exist or not). Try in other prg. language like VB or C#. If works, you can adapt it to X++.

Hi msz_ If you want to ensure that the page only opens in IE, you could choose another way. Make a new form and put an ActiveX component on the design. Use the ActiveX.navigate to control the URL. By using ActiveX you can control which browser you start… (i expect that FireFox also have an ActiveX component) :slight_smile: Hope you can use this… Yours Wilco