Run form on startup

Is it possible to automatically run a form when launching Nav? We have a workstation that is only used to run one form for scanning barcodes into shipments. They do not even need to see the navigation panel since this is the only object they are using. thanks in advance for any help

Nav 6.0

Hi, just enter the form ID as the users’ main menu.


In NAV there is code unit called ApplicationManagement. It have a function CompanyOpen() at this function you just declare your form as a variable.

Now use Form.Run() function.

for example lets assume Cust is the variable name of the form customer card then


Thats all


Jerome Marshal.J

The solution suggested by G. Petursson, only works in versions prior to the menusuites, as this functionality was removed from the User Setup table. It would be pretty simple adding it again, and it would probably make sense in this scenario, as it should only open a form for specific users.

Add a field to table 91 User Setup, type Int, Name “Startup Form ID” and add it to the User Setup form (119). Add this code to CompanyOpen() in codeunit 1:

// >> START
IF UserSetup."Startup Form ID" <> 0 THEN
FORM.RUN(UserSetup."Startup Form ID");
// << END

With my license I don’t have access to code units. Is there another solution or should I consult my Nav Partner?

Hello Dennish,

As modification in Codeunit 1 is required for this, so the only option left with you is contacting a NAV partner.

yes u need developer license to access codeunit… need to consult with ur partner

Thanks everybody for your help.