Run Data Refresher from workstation


The FRx docs specify that Data Refresher/Integration Designer must be installed on a machine running SQL server (not necessarily the server containing the G/L data though.) That’s done, and working.

But there is a hitch: The daily load scheduling is fine for the client most of the time, but at month/quarter/year ends he needs to be able to initiate loads on demand - perhaps several times a day. So, this brings up two questions:

1 - Is there any way to initiate a load from a user workstation (ie, without logging onto the server machine and running it there.)? Security being what it is at this installation, the idea of letting ‘users’ log onto the server to do stuff is a non-starter.

2 - Is it possible to install DR/ID on a user’s workstation and operate from there?

Thanks’ in advance for any advise on this.