Run automatically


Can any one help me How to run XPO file automatically at Fixed time or Scheduled.

Thank you

What are you trying to accomplish? Automatically importing an XPO is 100% not recommended, especially into any live system.

Are you trying to run some code that was contained IN and XPO at a fixed time or scheduled? Is the custom code batchable? If it is, then what you are trying to do is easy.

Thanks for Replying.

Please can you provide me some sample code of any XPO file run automatically.



It is not clear exactly what you are trying to achieve.

It looks to me you want to import XPO automatically into AX. If this is correct, then this should help -


No, I could not import XPO automatically into AX. I am already import the XPO in AX and i want to ,this XPO is run automatically at scheduled.

Please help me as early as possible

thank you


Create a batch (.bat) file and add the code in the link to the batch file. If you google for batch file, you will know how to create and schedule them.

Thanks for answering.