Run a Report for Value entry table which filters Location Code

For the Value entry table a report have to be printed which filters the location code ‘BLUE’ records and in that it have to print the records which have "Unit per Cost " greater than 1000.

In Report Value Entry Dataitem property DataItemTableView set WHERE(Location Code=CONST(BLUE),Unit per Cost=FILTER(>1,000))

I have already Worked this ,but on running no data to be displayed,

Did you show any fields on Sections?

yes, when i am tried this filtering with other fields in Value entry table its Working but for Location code field its not,i am already included this field as the Secondary key.

may be you dont have any records in value entry table with above condition(Location which you are filtering on)…

Why do you need a new key for this?

NO there are records. and the key it does not matter . i just thought like that. why for only Location code Field i am not getting this .

For location Blue, you may not have records?

what filter you have set? can you show?

k k .i got

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