Run a form To insert new record

hi i have two forms ActivitiesForm and AdressesForm based on tables Activities and Adresses respectively.And there is a one to n relation between Adresses and activities. i mean one adress relates to more activities.I want to run AktivitiesForm from AdressesForm so that i can Enter a new activity crosponding to Adress. waiting for ur replly

On the Addresses Form make a link button. Right click the btn and on its Menu items, Reference the activities form by choosing “Run object” as the action.

Thanks for ur help .

when we run a form throung Runobject action there is alwazs a record selected.

but my problem is i want to run ActivitiesForm with no record selected just to insert new record.and i also want to transfer some fields as perameters

from AdressForm into ActiviesForm .

Am not sure if you got what i explained. For the link btn just copy the one from employee card while you are on design mode. Its on the bottom left corner of the card and is named employee. Then rename it to Activities on the caption property.

After doing that see if the form can open from the other form. This time no details will be populated on the child form. But first do that then we shall continues. Let me know if it opens this way.

i have copy the link btn from Employee card(5200) it is on the bottom right not left corner of the card and is named employee.

This time also the child form is populated with detail.

There are many places in NAV where you can see how that works. Take a look at for instance the Item Card and the ‘Item Unit of Measure’ form. From the Item Card, you click the Item button, and then ‘Units of Measures’. This opens the Item Unit of Measures form, where you can enter them for that particular Item. What makes it automatically fill in the Item number for you is the filter in the form link property.