I just want to ask one simple and stupid question… is it possible to connect to NAV 2009 using RTC if user/client is not in the same network?

The situation is like this: one server is running database and service (2 tier) and the client is a domain user, but at this moment they are not in the same network (in the same LAN)…of course both client and server have internet connection?

I did the setup, and the role client is working perfectly fine when my client is in the same network as server, but when I change network I get the message that the server is not available.

Services and Server are up and running, user is a domain user and I am using 2 tier architecture.
The message that I get when connecting from the other network is :

“The program could not create a connection to the server. Do you want to try again” and when I type servername:port/service in the dialog box RTC says the following:

"A server was not found at:“net.tcp://servername:7046/DynamicsNAV/Service. Either the URL is incorrect or server is currently unavailable.”

On the other hand, when I change network (switch to another wireless which is used by my NAV server) I get Cronus welcome screen.

Plese help, what am I doing wrong?

Why do you think that this should be possible?

If your server and your client are both on the same network (wired or wireless) of course it works. Over the Internet they are on different networks, different IP ranges, firewalls block ports etc. On Nav2009 R2 there are more possibilities but even then it takes some work to get it going. I would be worried very much if it were easy.