Dear All,
While Running RTC I am getting following Error
“Objet Metadata does not exist. Identofication fileds and values object Type = ‘Pages’ and , Object ID = ‘0’”
I had check metadata table - “metadata exist for all pages”. then I had compile all the pages then on 41 pages it shows an error that unknown variable is specified. Then I had done the reinstall of NAV 2009 . But still the same error is occur.
Can anyone let me know what is course of action to resolve this ?


Hi, you have to compile all the objects, not only the pages


Yes I had compile all the objects.

Only in pages I am getting error.

You must open each page and remove the problem and then compile all the objects another time. As far as I remember some pages have errors in the standard database, because the automatic conversion tool does not work properly. Reinstalling NAV is not necessary. It’s a database problem not an installation problem.