RTC Workaround with multiple users - Local DB


Is it possible to create a workaround with multiple users for an RTC client on a local database?

I’ve tried and was able to create 2 sql users, and manage to connect to my DB thru my classic client, but now i wanna try this scenario on RTC using the Client Type setting for username, and the certificates, but first i would like to know if it’s possible?

Can anyone helps me?

Thanks in advance

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Check whether this can help you or not


Hi Mohana,

Thanks for your anwser but from what i’ve red, it’s possible without the active directory but only with users from the same domain.

I was trying to have on my PC, 1 domain user, and 2 SQL users, but grant connection to all to RTC client :

1 - Domain\user

2- User X- SQL Created user

3 - User Y SQL Created User

From the post that you mentioned it will only possible to users inside the same domain. Is that correct?

Thanks for the help



The RTC does not work for database users, only for Windows users. They don’t have to be domain users though.

Thanks for the anwser DenSter.

For what i realized in order to work, besides the configuration needed, wich i allready did, i only need to create the users in my windows?

My computer is on my company domain, do i have to create them as local users? Does they need to have the same name as i created them on my SQL server?




Solved guys…

Forgoted to add the users to Windows Logins in CC and syncronyzed them…

Thanks to all