RTC : Visibility issue


I have 2 rows in a table
1st row should be printed if and only if it is first record of a field…
for d second or corresponding records my row2 should get printed…!!!

i.e if 1st record
1st row
2nd row

How to identify first record,In visibility expression FIRST(fields!field.Value) is not working…
Is dis possible???

my scenario is standard report 108 customer order detail…
where each customer has some orders and each order has list of items …
For each Item I have 2 different unit price values

For example
customer Mr.X if has 1 order ->1 item
customer Mr.Y has 2 orders->2items
Under an item
i have 2 rows having different values in a field (unit price) for each customer


order 1
row 1… unit price:90.
row 2 … unit price: 80



row1 unit price: 90
row2 unit price:50
row1 unit price:10
row2 unit price:20
row1 unit price: 67
row2 unit price:45
row1 unit price:50
row2 unit price:75

wat i must get is

item01–>unit price 90

item01->unit price:90
item02->unit price:20
item01->unit price:67
item02->unit price:75

With respect to item no 1st record and the following record is what i want to increment the unit price
if it is 1st item no…unit price is 1strow unit price…
if it is 2nd item and so on it should be 2nd row unit price…

What will happen if Mr.X Item1 shows unit price 90 & Mr.Y Item1shows unit price 80.

What about making a new field in your table that is a flow field that has an exists calc formula and you use the apropriate filters to look for a second line. If no second line exists then you know this is the first line. You may need to make two fields one to look for a second line and one to see if it is a second line. Then you should be able to use a filter in your report to say where first line field is true or second line field is true then print this row.

Am not able 2 get u completely…Can u just eloborate???