RTC User Personalization Default Column Layout

NAV 2009 SP1 RTC.

I have set up a Sales Processor Role and assigned it to a user.

That user has logged into the RTC and has customized everyting to her liking. (Fact Boxes changed, column layout changed, etc)

I would like to have her settings as a default for anyone else that i assign the Sales Processor Role to. the reason is because not every new NAV user is going to know what columns to hide and show, I would like to have a default

Can this be done ?

I don’t know if you can copy from one user to another without code.

The correct way is to run the RTC from the client with a couple of extra flags. So run cmd to open up the prompt, navigate to the directory where it is installed, and run this

Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe -configure -profile:“Your Profile Name”

Where your profile name is the the profile assigned to the user in User Personalization. That will change columns and layouts for everyone who is assigned to the role center.

Please see below.

The extra flags are the -configure and the -profile.

Yes, whatever computer the user will be on to configure the profile.

No, not -profile:Kim or anything. -profile:“SALES ORDER PROCESSOR”, or whatever you have named the role center.

Oh, Okay, I get it.

So this if Julie has arranged her column layout to how she wants. When I run the command abouve, this will also copy over the column layouts too ?

I don’t think it will copy everything automatically. It is designed to be run BEFORE you do all of the customizations, not after. I would try to go to each page that was changed, click Customize this Page under the lightning bolt, and click ok. Do it on a few pages and have someone else login under the same role center to see if the pages match.

If that doesn’t work you can delete the user personalization from the User Personalization Card. Then have the user login using the configure profile option above and redo it all. Hopefully it wouldn’t take too long.

I did a quick check and confirmed that personalizations at the profile level are saved in a different place as those at the user level. So I think the above are your only options.

Okay, thanks for your info, much appreciated !