RTC & SQL Server 2005 Express

Hi all,

I want to implement RTC using SQL Server 2005 Express edition.
Is this SQL version enough for the implementation??

Kindly reply.

Please Note :

It is 10 user implementation.

First issue that comes up to my mind is DB size limit… It is 2 (or 4?) GB only - what you will do when it overgrows, and it will be quick? And there was user limit, too, but I don’t recall on the spot max user count.

Besides, there might be other issues, including licensing - is it legal to use Express with production Navision? Demo uses it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can use it for Client.

updated: Just found this in Luc’s blog: http://dynamicsuser.net/blogs/vanvugt/archive/2010/01/05/sql-server-2008-express-the-free-database-engine-from-microsoft.aspx

It’s about v2008, but much of it refers to v2005, too.

Thanks Modris !!

How Can I install the SQL Server in the Server Pc by using the Nav 2009 SP1 Installer only ?
I have no Other Installer for the SQL Server.

What will be SQL server name, instance name, Nav Server name ? I can not find the wizard where I can Specify the above names.

Kindly help

I have done this job. But It makes the Server Pc hang.
SQL Server & Microsoft Dynamic NAV Server are both installed into the Server Pc.

Server Pc Configuration :
OS : - Window 2003 Server
Memory : - 1 GB

Kindly help.

For SERVER?? Nowadays workstations (and even some “Ferrari-type” PDAs) have more… I wonder how you can start it up at all now with all these components on ONE box like this.

OS itself, + SQL, +RTC middle tier “server” - all these need more RAM. There should be InstGuide on DVD, with hardware requirements - check there, and here in forum are many hardware-related threads, too.
RAM is your first problem, next comes HDD sybsystem - you can’t expect anything than half-dead crawling on a single poor HDD, let it be even 10K RPM SATA…

Thanks Modris,

The Server has 1GB Ram Only. BTW I’m using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition for which 1 GB is not an issue because, this sql server edition uses 1 GM RAM only.

----Kindly reply.

You said that It will be better if SQL Server & NAV Server are installed in diffrent System.

----Am I right ?

Subrata… you have posted this same question in about 4 different forums a few days ago, and you are still at a point where it doesn’t look like you know anything about this. It doesn’t look like you are doing anything but demand other people to tell you exactly how to do your job. You need to do the work yourself, study the help files and the training manual, figure these things out for yourself. You already have all the information that you need to succeed, all that is left is for you to do the work.

The installation documentation is quite clear on prerequisites and how to set up and configure the system, if you lost the link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc160853.aspx. Go to this website and read all about it, there are even walkthroughs that tell you exactly what to do. If it doesn’t work (which we still don’t know WHAT doesn’t work) that means you did not follow the steps. Start again and follow all the steps. Make sure you have all the prereqs in place first and start installing, following the steps. I’ve done it like that and got it to work. Other people have done it like that and have gotten it to work. Now it’s time for you to get to work and figure it out yourself.

Also, the installation and configuration manual is a good source of information, you should also study that manual.