RTC Role Center error after Cumulative Update

I’ve updated my NAV 2018 with CU3 to NAV CU4. After the update I get the following errors upon opening the RTC client. What could be the reason for this?

Error: The value of copystr parameter 3 is outside of the permitted range. The current value: -1. The permitted range is: from 0 to 2147483657

I would call it a failed upgrade. Check that all objects have been upgraded correctly. If one or two objects fails like this, then 99% sure then you will find it elsewhere too.

Is it a customized database?

Hi Erik

I never saw an error when I did the upgrade. I also repeated the upgrade steps and also no error during the process.

Yes it is customized, but only with AL Extensions. No codeunits, only fields added.

I am pretty sure that your problem mainly lies in one of the tables with the name @activities - You are doing a COPYSTR and the problem is that your stringposition (where you copy from) is wrong, or the the length (the number of characters you want to copy) is zero or negative.

Does the other role centers activities show up correctly?

Yes they do. Its only the Accountant role center. I now downloaded NAV CU4 and imported the FOB again.



What do you guys suggest, wait until update 5 and see if it fixes it?

Why only 1592 objects for a CU4 update? There are more than 5500 objects in each update of NAV 2018, you should always import all objects when you upgrade. In fact you should always remove everything but tables, and then import all. Otherwise you would still carry around old unused objects.

And what about the one you skipped? Say No to open the import worksheet and use replace all.

With every CU update I only import the FOB file in the application folder:


It seems there are only 1592 changed objects in CU4.

The one I skipped is the Sales Invoice report on which I added a field that is not visible by default.

Could it be related to any of your extensions? If you have a test environment, then try to disable them. Especially if any of them touches or subscribes to the activity tables.

We have seen the same issue. It seems to be caused by some new GDPR code. It only happens if the EU Country/Region Code field is blank on all Countries/Regions records. To stop it just fill in that field on at least one record.