RTC Report - The DataSetFieldName is missing in Visual Studio

Hi All,

As usual, for each of the caption/field in classic report section, I will put the ‘DataSetFieldName’ (refer to image 1 attached). After that I will go to View → Layout to open up the RTC report designer, but some of the ‘DataSetFieldName’ i have added cannot be found when i browse through the ‘Fields (Dataset_Result)’ (refer to image 2 attached).

I have restarted the Navision service, but still the same.

Thanks in advance! [:D]

Nav version: 2009 SP1

Visual Studio version: 2008



If you already have Document No. once then it wont be created again.

You can use same DataSetFieldName and try

Same field dataset will not be created again in RTC we need to use the first one .