RTC Permissions

Hi there,

I have setup my permissions in NAV2009 Classic Client and it is working 100% correct, but when I open the role tailored client, I get the following error message:

“You do not have permission to read the Pay Employee table. Page Pay Employees must close.”

Even if I select this table, it still gives the same message. How do I apply the permissions for the role tailored client?



Hi Marianne,

Whenever user is created in RTC , Kindly sync as RTC works on windows Authentication.

Open Navision classic

Create user

  1. Tools – security – Windows Login – AbcDomaian/Samu (Domain user)

Sync user

  1. Tools – Security – Synchronize all logins

Note : give user permission super (later u can change as per the module)

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. I have syncronised the logins and can access the user when I allocate the Super role to him, however when I allocate new roles with permission that I have created, I get the error message, however on the classic client, it is not a problem and he could access all the tables that is allocated to him for the particular module. How do I get this permissions to also work in the RTC?



login in as super /admin to RTC

Then you have creaate a profile that user RTC

To create a profile

  1. In the RoleTailored client, click Departments, click Administration, and then click RoleTailored Client.

  2. Click Profiles.

  3. In the Action Pane, click New to open the New Profile Card window.

  4. In the Profile ID field, enter an appropriate name that describes the intended role of the user.

  5. In the Owner ID field, click the AssistEdit button to view all available logins, and then select a Windows user login.

  6. In the Description field, enter a description of the Profile ID, such as Order Processor.

  7. In the Role Center ID field, click the AssistEdit button to view all available Role Centers. Select a Role Center.

  8. To make this Role Center the default profile ID for all users, select the Default Role Center check box.

  9. Click OK to save your changes.

The procedure for modifying an existing profile is largely the same, except you select an existing profile in the Profiles page instead of clicking New.

Hi Samu,

Thanks for your help - I have already created this as well, however it was actually the form that was not in the permissions on the role that caused the error and after I added the form it was working. I was thinking I have to do something else to get the permissions to work.

Marianne [:)]