RTC Parts - Filter one part based on selection in another

Is it possible to filter one RTC Part based on a value of another on the Role Center page?


I have a list of all my items on Part 1, when I click Item 1 in Part 1, Part 2 shows all the variants for Item 1in Part 2.


You probably could. Maybe with a single instance Codeunit that holds the filters on the record and sets the currently selected record. The second page part would retrieve that selected record from the Codeunit and display the appropriate records.

I don’t think there are any properties to set, though, as they are both essentially subforms on a larger form, just like in the Classic Client.

There is a property called ProviderID. Not for Parts in general but for FactBoxes.

This probably won’t work for a Role Center. I havn’t tried that.