RTC on different Domains


Can RTC run on different domains without any domain trust.

suppose i have Sql & Nav server on one machine whose domain is connected to = X(domain)

want to access RTC client from another machine whose domain is connected to = Y(domain)

there are no domain trust between X & Y

how can i add user’s of Y domain in navision’s window login(i.e on X domain) for RTC to run


I am by no means an expert on Kerberos, but from what I have learnt when implementing NAV 2009 on a three tiered environment, I am pretty sure there is no way you will be able to use a client on domain Y to access a NAV Server on domain X when there is no trust relationship between the two domains.

If you are not using three-tiers (i.e. only two) I think NTLM is used for authentication rather than Kerberos, which may mean you can get away with it. But unfortunately this is about the extent of my knowledge. Freddy K wrote an interesting blog post on how to install RTC without Active Directory - maybe that will help in some way.

Anyone else know any more on this one?

Thanks for the reply