RTC Nav 2009 Account Schedules using Analysis by Dimensions - Captions

In Nav 2009 Classic Client, when running an account schedule with Analysis by Dimensions attached, the resulting form displays the Dimension Captions on the filtering tab.

When using Nav 2009 RTC client, the resulting Matrix only displays the field names e.g. ‘Dimension 1’, ‘Dimension 2’ etc.

Does anyone know how to resolve this please?

I am not sure what you mean?

Account schedules can only filter on dimensions but you define the captions in the column layout.

Analysis by Dimensions can have a dimension as column but the caption is fine…

Please, more info?

when in the Matrix for the Account Schedule using the Filter ‘Limit Totals To’ the filter drop down shows ‘Dimension 1 Filter’ etc, whereas on the Classic Client, the Dimension Filter Tab shows the Dimension Caption name.

It works in my RTC system… Is this what you mean? Are you on SP1?

Yes, I am on SP1[*-)]

Sorry, only just seen the screen shot. No, it’s when you go to show matrix - then using the Limit Totals To - the drop down list only displays ‘Dimension 1 Filter … 2 Filter’ etc