RTC Integration 'Dynamics NAV Server' Question


We have an integration in RTC NAV 2009 that utilizes the ‘Dynamics NAV Server’ Service. On one particular server, the default service config is not used, but there are two other ‘Dynamics NAV Server’ services. When we try to connect with our integration we get:

A server was not found at “net.tcp://machinename:7046/DynamicsNAV/Service”.
Either the URL is incorrect or the server is currently not available.

The service configs are:

  • Dynamics NAV Server = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service (DEFAULT NOT USED)
  • Dynamics NAV TEST = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Services
  • Dynamics NAV PROD = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Services2
    I apologize for the lack of more details. I am just reaching here for anything to try and resolve this. Any ideas on the best process to troubleshoot this?

Thank you,

In the services of server, make sure that “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server” service is running and try using DEFAULT service config file. You may also consider Restarting the “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server” service

The web services run on port 7047