RTC Form transformation tool issue


I am trying to transform a form into a page, using the TIF tool. Transformation goes ok, but I can’t get it to add actions, factboxes etc.

I have entered my form in the Transformation Forms-form, and added an action via Input, Add, Factboxes. Even when I only add a simple system-part (notes for example, Part type = system, System part ID = Notes, Visble = yes), it does not come accross to the page.

This is what I did after I added the part:

  • Functions, Create all Transformation Input

  • I run the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe in the TIF-directory

  • I check the transformation log, no errors

  • I import the Pages.xml into the object designer

  • I compile and run the page

Factbox is not showing. What am i doing wrong?


Rolf (sydney)

Did you export the data from the TIFF tool? This is needed for the transformation tool to use as input (it does not take it from your NAV db where you have set up the TIFF tool).


Was it a customized standard form that you’re trying to transform or a completely custom form?

What I did with our customized standard forms was I transformed them all with the TiF tool. After doing that, I imported all of the transformed pages into the Object designer, exported as text and then did a text comparison with the standard pages.

I see you posted this a while ago so I’m keen to hear what your solution was?