RTC - Customize

Hi there, I need to hide the Customize option for some of the profiles on the menu tab as my customer do not want the employees to make any changes to the pages. How could I do this?



If you are using 6.0SP1, you have to apply the below patch.


If you are using 6.0R2, you can do by adding -disablepersonalization in the target file of Microsoft dynamics NAV exe file

Seems like you could also deny permission for modifying the User Personalization table (I haven’t tried this). You would still see the option, but be unable to modify it. There might be other things that really do need to do that, though, so it’s one of those things you would want to really test out.

Thank you very much Mohana! [:D]


Thank you for your reply Matt - Mohana’s solution will work for me.


Hi Mohana,

Can you please tell me how to add -disablepersonalization in the target file of Microsoft dynamics NAV exe file.

Start–>All Programs–>Right Click Microsft Dynamics NAV -->Properties.In targer file add -disablepersonalization at end

Thank you very much Mohana

Welcome… [:)]