Rreport Page break if Record Changes Value

I have a Report where I calculate Quantities based on a Item No. (Grouped by) Attached to Each Item is an Item Group and would Like each Group to be on a New page. I have tried this code but fails, it prints one record on the wrong page; Say the data is line this : Group Item No. A 1 A 2 A 3 B 4 B 5 The Ouput of the Report looks like this: >>Page1 A 1 A 2 >>Page2 A 3<<<Error here B 4 B 5 This is on the Presection triger of the Data Item. currRec.COPY(“Transfer Line”); NextRec.COPY(currRec); IF NextRec.NEXT = 1 THEN BEGIN IF currRec.“Route Node Value” <> NextRec.“Route Node Value” THEN BEGIN CurrReport.NEWPAGE; END; END; Thankx.

I think you said everything… Your code tells the report to create a new page if NextRec.“Route…” <> CurrRec.“Route”, and that is TRUE when you process the record A3. Put your code in the PostSectionTrigger, or change it to look the record before the current, instead of looking after.