Routing Status??

What is the purpose of Routing Status field in the Prod. Order Routing line table. Help says it is for showing the routing status nothing more. Also can we change the status of the Production Order routing line from Finished status to Inprogress and post the output. Thanks in advance Subbu

Hi That is the status of the production order, not the routing. As standard the second question answer is No, because you cannot post output to a finished production order. Have a look at the processing outside of looking at the table and it will become clearer.

Hi Steven, Thanks for reply The Field(Routing status) I am refering to is in the Production order routing line. Initially it is blank. when we register any capacities it gets updated as Inprogress through out put journal with finished as NO. This is clearly udating with routing line status. When I posted an operation in the out put journal with finishesd as yes. this field gets updated as Finished. After that I am unable to record any further capacity utilization. Secondly can I make this field editable and change the status back to Inprogress from Finished status and record the capacity utilization. Subbu

Hi What is the field number in the table? Is it 79? I am presuming from your question this is table 5409 Prod. Order Routing Line can you confirm this. If it is this is what I believe it does, although I also believe this field is used internally. When you load a production order the settings of flushing status is set to blank. When you post any routing transactions against the status is in-progress. When you complete the routing, by declaring output and ticking the routing line as finished, the subsequent line in the table is marked as finished, this is done on a routing by routing line in this table. Even with a finished routing the Production Journal will still allow the additional reporting of time and output even though the operation is complete, so I see no need to alter this field. Once the production order is finished there really is nothing else to report, and then you cannot alter the status of this field, as the order is finished, indicating all time and materials are reported against it. So in summary even with this falgged as finished I can report capacity and output against that operation. What version are you running, and are you sure the order itself is not finished?

Hi Steven, Yes, I am refering to table No:5409 Prod. Order routing line and the field No is 79. I am Working with 3.7 version. I agree with what you have said about the updation of the routing lines. But With the routing line flagged as finished I am unable to register capacity or output in the output journal. When I am trying to pick the finished routing line an error is thrown stating “There is no Prod. Order Routing Line within the filter” Subbu

Hi In version 4.0 they have purposely or accidentally removed this restriction. I would advise you to have a look at the code changes in this area and see what they have done.