Routing Question

I have a routing that has the following routing requirement:

  • 1 tool

  • 1 machine

  • 3 employees

  • Two (2) employees are needed for four (4) hours to do setup and configuration on the tool and machine.

  • The run time on the machine is 100 units per min.

  • Once the machine starts it will run for many days.


When a production order is created, say for 1,000,000 units the routing time is as follows:

  • 4 hours for setup for 2 employees.
  • Machine and tool time is 10,000 mins or 7 days (1,000,000 / 100)
  • 1 employee needs to look at the machine for 5 mins every hour for a total cost of 833 mins


  • If the Production order is running for 7 days, the 3 employees show as not available for 7 days.
  • I thought I might use Resource Groups to do this so I created a Resource Group with all three of these resources. The problem is that once you create a resources group with a resource, you can’t use these Resources in other groups.

Any suggestions?