Route operation with fixed time. Is possible?

Hi everybody! I hope someone could point me in the right direction.

For formulas/boms it is possible to have fixed consumption for some materials.

But for routes, I have a situation were the time of a particular operation is not related to the finished product quantity because it is just performed for a few units at the beginning (the amount of unit is not always the same, the time here is not relevant but the cost of the operation).

Lets say that the finished product will be 100000 units, but the test color operation is just going to be done for only 10 at the beginning, how should I setup de route in order to schedule the order and this operation just considering 10 units not the 100000?

Hope I was clear enough,

Thanks a lot


Your only option is the setup time, that is time unrelated to the quantity you make, you would need to set this to reflect your testing operation. Not sure it actually does what you want from your description though.

Thanks a lot AdamRoue, I doesn’t work exactly as I need but is close enough I think. I also try the setup of the operation with Formula=Capacity and using the factor field I managed to have a better approach in the calculated hours.

Hi Héctor

The formula capacity element just takes strokes and a factor to work out the time based upon the produced quantity, so if it is 10 for 1000 and 10 for 10000 you will get tome differences, but in reality your time is for 10 :slight_smile: