Route journal: where to see posting details?

Hello everybody!

I’m posting a route journal, and want to see accounting details (which accounts were used and total price posted) but can´t find where to do that. The order is not finished, just reported as finished and materials consumed.

Please can somebody point me the right direction? These are the tabs of the posted journal.

Thanks a lot

In the Price calculation, there is no Estimated cost amount

I am not sure whether this will help or not, but you can go to GL module and in Inquiries, click Audit trail. If there is a financial transaction posted, it will be reflected there also. You can identify the record by posting type and validate date and time.



Refer to the below link, which may lead you for what you are looking at…

Production Posting



On the related information option on the works order select the route line and then ledger. if it posted nothing however there will be no entries. You should look at the estimation and the setup for actual costing. Look at the routing categories or the cost sheet - but if it is 0 there will be nothing there!

Thanks all of you, I’ll check in AX and let you know