Route feasibility form AX2012

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Can any one explain the usage of the form " Route feasibility" when you try to activate route version , as I understand it is only display if there is applicable resources available at the production order run time to perform the route operations , but I can start and end the production orders without any effect for this form data??

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The route feasibility is used to determine whether applicable resources exist to satisfy the resource requirements of operations in an items route version.

For example, an operation’s resource requirements may be infeasible due to lack of an assigned resource group (for a resource), or the lack of capabilities or employee competencies with valid dates. It is the date based competencies and capabilities in AX2012 along with route based versions which made it potentially possible to create a future route the business could not undertake due to moving requirements of the resource competencies/capabilities.

Attempts to activate an infeasible route version result in a soft warning infolog and nothing more, but you will have no ability to do it eventually if it is not “feasible”.

[Text mainly taken from the help]

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