Route Consumption Posting


I am currently trying to determine why I am getting a 0 amount posting to the ledger for route consumption. When I go to the production orders list page, and select an order that is reported as finished, I go to View > Production posting.

When I do that, I am able to see that there is a WIP amount for route consumption. However, when I go to Ledger > Voucher, there is only one line and the amount posted says 0.00. To my knowledge, there should be more than one line posting for route consumption and the amounts should not be 0.

The route has run time and cost categories attached to it. The cost categories have prices. We are backflushing. The resource and resource group have ledger accounts for posting.

Are there any suggestions on how my setup could be incorrect?

Are the cost categories active in the current costing version?

Are you posting RAF to the ledger (Production Parameter setting)?

How many hours are posted?

Price estimation shows you a value?

Can you post some screen shots?


Thank you very much for the response. I will answer your questions and then let you know the answer to my problems.

The cost categories were active, the RAF was set to post to the ledger, I was running a job for 16 minutes, price estimation showed the estimated cost and realized cost as the same.

I was able to determine that on the resource, the ledger accounts were set to debit and credit the same account. So this was working as it should. The one line of 0 amount was simply showing that the same account had been debited and credited during the transaction, which obviously led to a 0 amount. Also, in the report as finished function, the end mark route check box was not selected in the general tab.

Thanks again for your response.