Route Consumption Based On ItemId and WorkCenter


There’s a situation that i don’t know how to implement about production routes;

Let’s assume that we have 3 items (Item1,Item2,Item3), 2 Work Centers (Wc1,Wc2,Wc3). The processTime changes according to the work center choosen by the master planning.

Item1 can be produced on Wc1 and Wc2 with the process time (10pieces/Second on Wc1 and 15pieces/Second on Wc2)

Item2 can be produced on Wc2 and Wc3 with the process time (10pieces/Second on Wc2 and 5 pieces/Second on Wc3)

Item3 can be produced on all of the WCs with the process time (10p/Sec on Wc1, 20p/Sec on Wc1,30p/Sec on Wc1)

I use the task group to define the alternative work centers.

I can’t use the Formula: Capacity on RouteOpr since the WC capacities differ according to the item.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.