Route card journals and Time sheet for Projects


We are on AX 2012 R2.

We got started with Production and Projects along with other modules like FIN, INVENT etc…

In Route card, we input the Hours which had been spent by the Production staff for producing Finished Product.

Assume that this Finished Product (F1) is being produced for Project A.

While updating the Time sheets, Production Staff will input their hours against Project A.

My Question is WILL this UPDATE the Financials ONCE or TWICE?

Can anybody throw light on this?


Thomas Philipose

This will add cost twice if cost is set up in the route card. The labor needs to either go to the item (route) or the job (project). If the production order is to a common item then that is where I would put it as it will keep the financials of the item correct. The production labor cost to the project will be recorded as an item cost of the production item.

I am currently trying to find out how to add production to the timecard so that registrations for worker time is entered only once.